FAQ for card modellers who don't speak German

* How do I print the sheets?


The sheets with coloured parts ("TB") have to be printed (Ink-Jet or Laser) on a heavier paper than usual office-paper (80 grams per square inch or gsm). I recommend paper with 160 gsm. Sheets without coloured parts ("SB") can be printed on normal office-paper. These parts must be glued on cardboard (about 0.5 mm thick). Please note that all sheets are sized in A4 format.


* The Instructions are in German - how do I assemble the kit?


Well, SABA-Modells are not too hard to build. Just begin with part 1: cut it out (the edge or boundary line has to be cut off completely) and form it into a cylinder with the printed surface on the outside. Glue it together using the flap ("Lasche zu 1"), then go on with parts 2 and 3 and so on - use your imagination and the schematic view. If you have problems feel free to contact me!


* Can I obtain a printed kit?


No, SABA models are offered only as digital files.


* Am I allowed to share the SABA kits?


Yes. But please respect: only for privat use!

* May I rescale or repaint SABA kits?

For private use: yes! We're happy to see your creations!

Thanks to Simon O'Neill!

VGC News #139 - Thanks to PETER OCKER!
VGC News #139 - Thanks to PETER OCKER!